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Half-Christmas | National Leon Day |Christmas in July 

Prepare for your mid-year Christmas holiday celebration with sales on our best selling items. Plan for a gingerbread house decorating party. Get ready for the end-of-year holidays early with our sales and discounts. Gingerbread kits for the holidays, Christmas in July, Half-Christmas, or National Leon Day - anytime you want to enjoy baking and the taste of delicious gingerbread,

June 25th is Half-Christmas - the halfway point to a very favorite holiday!

National Leon Day is Half Christmas by another name.  Simply NOEL spelled backwards!

Christmas in July started in the 1930s at a summer camp in western North Carolina as a celebration in the middle of summer. It was an opportunity to make and exchange gifts between campers, have secret Santa's, decorate cabins, sing carols, and simply be joyful in the middle of summer. Having gone to a summer camp in western North Carolina as a child, it seemed only appropriate to offer some kind of celebration at Ginger's Breadboys.