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Ginger’s Breadboys to Initiate Affiliate Marketing Program in 2023

For immediate release: January 10th, 2023

Exciting news from Ginger’s Breadboys as growth for the woman-owned small business continues.

Beginning in 2023 Ginger’s Breadboys will offer an Affiliate Marketing Program for holiday markets, gift shops, and non-profits. With immediate online ordering for customers, maintained branding for the retail outlet, and a generous commission structure, the Affiliate Marketing Program will help Ginger’s Breadboys achieve its long-term business goal; to be remembered as the “go-to” for gingerbread baking kits year-over-year throughout the United States.

Participants in the Affiliate Program can get sample kits to show customers, printable collateral materials to place on countertops, as well as customizable web content. Though not required to keep stock on hand, affiliates may wish to do so for customers who want a kit to take home. Ginger’s Breadboys offers extremely low minimums. The Affiliate Program takes the guesswork out of pre-ordering inventory and predicting customer buying habits thus keeping inventory and shipping costs to a minimum for small business retailers.

Each affiliate is provided a unique QR code for orders. Orders can be placed online immediately while the customer is in the store or later through printable collateral takeaways. Customers receive a 10% discount on all products and are thus incentivized to order through the retail affiliate. Affiliates receive substantial commissions (≈25%) on each product sold.

Virginia Bramante, Owner of Ginger’s Breadboys further explained, “Our gingerbread kits make wonderful gifts and usually require shipping. We are set up to process and fulfill orders easily whereas many small retail businesses may not be. Through the Affiliate Program we can give the retail outlet the ability to carry our products without the need to keep inventory on hand or to manage shipping details.”

Ginger’s Breadboys tested the Affiliate Program in 2022 through several outlets – a 5-star hotel, a popular South Florida day spa, and several charity fundraisers. The solid results confirmed the process, and the offering was well received.

Ginger’s Breadboys is a woman-owned small business with 5 selling seasons under its belt. Gingerbread baking kits are their core competency. Each year has seen growth for the company - from gift bundles to kitchen linens (that pair well with the kits) and a secondary gingerbread product line of the gingerbread house experience. Ginger’s Breadboys survived and thrived during the pandemic and weathered price fluctuations and supply-side shortages in 2022. The kits are fortunate to be popular as a corporate employee gift with a loyal following; however, they admittedly struggle each year to re-introduce the gingerbread kits to the general market as they only sell for 6 weeks during the holiday season. The Affiliate Program is a strong avenue to facilitate that reintroduction each year.

“We have a very short window for sales beginning the day after Halloween and ending with ground shipping deadlines for holiday gifts on or about December 15th. Additionally, the gingerbread experience most often occurs the weekend after Thanksgiving. With the Affiliate Program, shops can be ready on November 1st to offer Ginger’s Breadboys to their customers and we are able to maintain a wider reach. We are hopeful that the Affiliate Program will be the win-win for 2023.” Virginia continued.

About Ginger’s Breadboys® - Ginger's Breadboys® gingerbread house and cookie kits are a product based on 30+ years of baking experience. The cookie kit replicates a process that produces a uniquely delicious tasting gingerbread cookie every time baked. The house kit takes the user through a journey made simple with easy-to-follow instructions. Each item in the kits has been curated, tested, and perfected for use in the baking and decorating of these gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses. The unique packaging and labeling exude a nostalgic feel that when combined with participating in the activity make for a truly grand holiday experience. Read our story and follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram. Trade dress pending.

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