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Gingerbread House Kit | Twitch Holiday Gift

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The Twitch Holiday Gift for 2022 is a gingerbread house kit from Ginger's Breadboys!

A complete DIY gingerbread house kit with enough candy and decorating options for multiple designs of two (2) large (5x7.5) houses.

Gingerbread Cookie Kits

Make, bake, and decorate two (2) gingerbread houses from scratch. Complete with mix, cutters, instructions, and candy! (Need inspiration?  Check out these decorating suggestions.)

Start a tradition of family fun in the kitchen.

Kit includes:

  • gingerbread mix
  • meringue powder (for royal icing)
  • 2 cardboard rectangle bases
  • pre-cut parchment paper sheets
  • 6 gingerbread house cutter forms:
    • walls and roof panels
    • end wall panel with gable
    • rounded-top door 
    • round window/wreath
    • square or diamond window
    • disc paver or shingle
  • wall and roof dough embossers (cobblestone and diamond patterns)
  • decorating candies:
    • peppermint sticks
    • gumdrops
    • gumballs
    • cinnamon red hots
    • hard candy
  • decorator/builder's toolkit:
    • 2 12-inch plastic decorating/pastry bags
    • 4 stainless steel decorating tubes:
      • #4 piping tip
      • #7 plain border (mortar)
      • #48 basket weave
      • #30 closed 8-pointed star
    • 2 standard plastic couplers (base and ring)
    • green food coloring
  • recipe and instruction card
  • refrigerator magnet 

Sustainably packaged in a rectangular tin measuring 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 3" and shipped in a plain cardboard box (so as not to give away the gift!). Weight is approximately 4.5 lbs.

Need gluten-free? If you plan to eat your gingerbread house and need gluten free, please put a note in your shopping cart when placing your order.  We will replace the regular mix with our gluten free.

Not pre-baked or pre-assembled.

Need Ideas?  We've compiled a list of decorating suggestions to show you how to decorate your gingerbread house.  All are doable from our gingerbread house kit.