Offer Gingerbread Baking Kits to Your Customers this Holiday Season with the Affiliate Program from Ginger's Breadboys

Holiday Affiliate Marketing Program

Earn 25% on every gingerbread kit sold at your website.

Affiliate Program | Ginger's Breadboys | Willard Hotel

Ginger’s Breadboys will offer an Affiliate Marketing Program for holiday markets, gift shops, and non-profits in 2023. Using buy button functionality from Shopify, offering gingerbread baking kits to customers will be easy, seamless, and lucrative for businesses with heavy online traffic yet no warehouse capability.

Ginger's Breadboys offers a generous Affiliate Marketing Program for holiday and Christmas merchants, gift shops, foodies, and non-profits. This performance-based relationship rewards you for every gingerbread kit sold. And we'll ship them out during the holiday season. Less hassle than wholesale to retail as most kits are shipped as gifts anyway. And it allows your Christmas offering to include gingerbread!

You'll get product listings only for your site, a unique QR code to drive traffic to your site, and access to collateral content, photographs, and other materials.

With easy set up and resource rich collateral materials, we make it easy to offer gingerbread kits to your customers for the holidays.

Just let us know which products you want to sell, we'll handle the rest.

When it comes to the Christmas and holiday side of making money online, our affiliate program is solid. Whether you're an established business or are looking to set up an online business in this space, contact us and let's get started.

Read the Affiliate Marketing Program announcement in our Press Release section.

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Gingerbread boy cookies baked from the Ginger's Breadboys cookie kit.  Ginger's Breadboys gingerbread man cookie baking kit.  Ginger's Breadboys branded flour sack kitchen tea towels.