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Gingerbread House Kit
Weekend Baker
Grandma’s Secret to Gingerbread Houses

This is the perfect kit for a rainy day project when those grandkids come to visit! Enticingly packaged, those kiddos couldn’t wait to make these gingerbread houses ( one for each of them!) The kit had everything we needed and can’t wait to share this great gift idea with all my granny friends!

This was a gift from a friend that I didn’t know I needed. It was perfect for me and my two granddaughters to use. The box contained everything you’d need. It was a hit, plus the gingerbread cookies tasted delicious!

Gingerbread Cookie Mix
Ginger Connett


Will order again!

Couldn’t be happier with the service, shipping and actual gingerbread yumminess!!

Perfect gift!

My favorite nieces, nephews and all friends' children and grands have delighted in these products, Well thought out prep. Keeps them busy. Benefit is yummy. A no brainer gift!

REAL Floursack

I love a good floursack tea towel in the kitchen. There's nothing like it for absorbency. And these are VERY LARGE. And super cute. I use mine all the time. In fact, now I have 3 of them.

Gingerbread House Kit
Mary Love Mattox
Scratch Proud!

A lot of people can do a gingerbread house with pre-made panels that are scented of gingerbread but are hard as rocks! The real fun is in doing it all from scratch. Bake the panels, assemble the house, decorate it all and then EAT IT UP!! Okay, maybe don't eat it right away, but sit back and enjoy your work. This gingerbread house kit makes the scratch part fairly easy and the instructions ensure that you don't end up with a little house in ruins, ha. Make this a holiday tradition.

Great Family Activity

No matter the season, the gingerbread cookie kit is a great family activity. I have done it with my adult children and have given it as a hostess gift to families with younger children. From the baking to the decorating, it's just a fun, engaging time to work (play - it's FUN) with your kids, spouse, or a good friend.

Gingerbread House Kit
Linka Watridge
Cali fan!

The gingerbread house kit was a hit with my daughters and a terrific gift for friends and family any time of year! Thanks for making it so easy!

Ordered these cookies for my dad and it was great to see how he loved the packaging. He cant wait to bake the goods with my little sister. Thank you so much!!!

Great packaging, fast delivery and a amazing kit to bake cookies I love Ginger's Breadboys!!!!!!!!

Holiday Memories

Just got my first Ginger's Breadboys kit. It is a a darling presentation and I can't wait for the Bake & Decorate date I've set with my daughter. This is likely to become a holiday tradition we'll be enjoying in our household for years.


My wife loves to prepare and bake cookies with our grandchildren at Thanksgiving. The whole family enjoys the cookies - and that the kids are busy being productive - and my wife LOVES doing these sorts of activities with the kids. Virginia has developed a great product that makes memories and that everyone can enjoy!

New Christmas Tradition

Grandkids and Moms baked the cookies as a Christmas Eve activity and decorated them on Christmas Day. We all decorated, licked fingers, made a mess and enjoyed eating the delicious cookies. Wonderful Christmas pictures!

Great Gift I Received

This was so much fun around the holidays!

Extremely Satisfied

Great kit for the holiday season!

Extremely Satisfied

Loved everything about it!

Great for the grandkids

I received kit from a friend and took to my son’s house for the 4 grands (ages 8, 10, 12, and 14). While admittedly a bit messy, fun was had by all. Biggest challenge was when they realized there were multiple steps to the process: making dough, chilling dough, rolling, cutting, baking and then decorating! Guess I should have helped set expectations for process. Didn’t realize my son didn’t realize steps until he (gasp!) actually read instructions! Too many prior cut and cook cookie dough experiences!

Fun activity for everyone.

This kit is perfect for a fun activity among friends or family. The gingerbread is delicious and and the kit comes in a gorgeous silver tin. It's a great way to make memories this holiday season.


this is perfect in many ways. the product itself is sooo yummy! the packaging is beautiful! the experience is way more fun than anyone should have in a kitchen! and right now with the covid hibernation this product is perfect for family entertainment!

Classic Gingerbread Cookie Kit
Mary Berkebile Young
I love this company!

I love this company's products! My friends and I are totally impressed with the very high quality of the kits and tea towels that we have purchased. I highly recommend Ginger's Breadboys for gift ideas, as well!

Bake some memories

These kits make wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents. The kits come in an adorable keepsake tin and are complete with easy to follow instructions. Just add some eager little bakers and enjoy! These little Breadboys will hold a special place in your heart! ❤️

Happy Apron!

These aprons are the best! So comfortable and well made. The logo is so bright and cheerful that you’ll make this sweet apron part of your kitchen decor. Mine hangs in my kitchen for the pure happiness factor! With a cookie kit, they make a special Christmas gift that will create wonderful memories. These little Breadboys bring so much joy!

A perfect gift!

These make the perfect gift! The price point is perfect for the gift for “just a little something” for a special friend, neighbor or gift swap. A super nice addition for anyone......lots of bang for the buck! ....a must for your shopping list!

Coverage and Conversation

Love the apron....covers all the way around and the fabric is soft and comfortable, no itchiness around the neck! Whether I am wearing it or it is hanging on the hook in the kitchen, someone sees the happy logo and the questions and conversation go from there.....Not only is it useful and functional, it brings smiles.....thank you Ginger’s Breadboys!