Ginger's Breadboys®

Ginger's Breadboys® Branded Flour Sack Kitchen Tea Towels

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Oh so soft!  Perfect for wiping hands while baking gingerbread boy cookies or drying glasses or any kitchen activity. Vintage look, gingerbread inspired. Brings a bit of nostalgia to your kitchen. Take your dish towels up a level for the holidays.

During the "Horse and Buggy" days, homemakers purchased their flour in 100-lb bundles or sacks made from 100% fine woven cotton. Once emptied, the flour sacks were washed, bleached, cut, sewn, and stitched into various household items. These items included kitchen towels, polishing cloths, bed sheets, pillowcases, and even underwear! Today, flour sack towels continue to have a variety of purposes from crafts to home goods!

Ginger's Breadboys® branded all cotton flour sack towels measure  22-inches x 36-inches (a new size for 2020-2021)

Our supplier, Cotton Creations, showcased Ginger's Breadboys Flour Sack towels in their Featured Designer blog.

A nice complement purchase to our gingerbread cookie kits.