Ginger's Breadboys®

Gingerbread House Kit

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Ginger's Breadboys® brings you a complete gingerbread house kit! With enough candy and decorating options for multiple designs of 2 large houses.  

Make, bake and decorate 2 gingerbread houses from scratch. Complete with mix, cutters, instructions and candy!

Makes TWO (2) Complete Gingerbread Houses - 7.5" sides x 5" ends x 7.5" tall houses!

Start a tradition of family fun in the kitchen.

Kit includes:

  • gingerbread mix
  • meringue powder for icing
  • 2 rectangle cardboard bases for houses
  • pre-cut parchment paper sheets
  • 6 cutter forms:
    • sides and roof
    • end wall panel with gable
    • rounded-top door 
    • round window or wreath cutout
    • square/diamond window cutout
    • disc paver or shingle cutout
  • 2 embossers (cobblestones and diamond patterns)
  • decorating candies:
    • peppermint sticks
    • gumdrops
    • gumballs
    • cinnamon red hots
    • hard candy
  • decorating/builder's tools:
    • 2 12-inch plastic decorating/pastry bags
    • 4 stainless steel decorating tubes:
      • #4 piping tip
      • #7 plain border (mortar)
      • #48 basket weave
      • #30 closed 8-pointed star
    • 2 standard plastic couplers (base and ring)
    • green food coloring
  • recipe and instruction card
  • refrigerator magnet 

Quantities will be limited. Pre-ordering is the best option to ensure availability during the holidays.

Kit is sustainably packaged in a rectangular tin measuring 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 3" and is shipped in a plain cardboard box (so as not to give away the gift!). Weight is approximately 4.5 lbs.

Not pre-baked or pre-assembled.