Gingerbread Cookie Kits, Baking Kits and Flour Sack Towels

The Ginger's Breadboys Collection

Proud purveyor of gingerbread man cookie baking kits!

For non-bakers and bakers alike

Ginger's Breadboys is an online retailer, hosted on Shopify, of gingerbread kits - gingerbread cookie kits / gingerbread baking kits. Ginger's Breadboys also sells their gingerbread logo branded flour sack towels. The gingerbread cookie / baking kit is the result of several decades of baking these cookies and sharing this classic gingerbread cookie recipe with family and friends. The experience is now offered for sale as the easiest do it yourself holiday baking craft for making gingerbread cookies.

(Not a gingerbread house kit, though you can use the dough to build a traditional gingerbread house. Nothing pre-baked or pre-assembled.)

Ginger's Breadboys was approved as a Member Candidate of the Specialty Food Association in February 2019.

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Ginger's Breadboys proudly offers three products for purchase in their collection.