Fundraising with Ginger's Breadboys

Got a fundraiser coming up? Silent Auction? Raffle?

If you are in need of items for your fundraiser, raffle, or silent auction, fill out the form below and Ginger's Breadboys will send a classic gingerbread cookie kit and branded flour sack towel or a gingerbread house kit to your organization to help raise funds!

Ginger's Breadboys wants to do its part for Giving Tuesday (or anytime).
We will help you give back to your community.

Ginger's Breadboys is an online retailer of gingerbread cookie kits, gingerbread house kits, and gingerbread branded kitchen linens.  Our product is years in the making and one of passion and joy. Experience some fun in the kitchen and make baking gingerbread cookies a new family tradition.

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Gingerbread man cookies baked from the Ginger's Breadboys cookie kit.  Ginger's Breadboys gingerbread man cookie baking kit  Ginger's Breadboys branded flour sack kitchen tea towels