Candy Ideas and Options for Decorating Your Christmas Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Decorations and Candy Ideas

Decorating a Gingerbread House

There are so many options and lots of different candies to use as gingerbread house decorations. It may be overwhelming to know which ones you actually need or will use. But don't worry! We're here to help!

If you're wondering what can you use to decorate your gingerbread house, we have a list of some of our favorite materials you can use to decorate your Christmas gingerbread house this holiday season. Whether you're starting a new, fun tradition or simply want new ideas to make amazing gingerbread houses, this guide can help you find refreshing ideas to take a basic gingerbread house and turn it into a beautiful gingerbread house.

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Candies for Decorating Gingerbread Houses

From our many years of decorating houses, these are the candies that we love to have on hand to decorate our gingerbread creations. They're delicious AND they make for fun decorations.

Gum Drops:

Gum Drops for Decorating a Gingerbread House

Gum drops are so fun because they add a very festive, snowy look. They are colorful candy that look like colorful Christmas lights and are perfect to decorate a colorful gingerbread house. They're also very versatile because you can use them to decorate the roof or to decorate the sides of the house. They can even be used to make a delicious, colorful pathway.

Chocolate Candies:

Chocolates are great to have on hand because they are so versatile when it comes to decorating. (They're also most people's favorite candy.) You can break chocolate bars apart, or buy mini chocolate bars to create tiles for a path. You can use other chocolates in different forms (like Kisses, for example), to add more detail to the house.

Colorful Candies for Decorating a Gingerbread House

Round, small chocolate candies (such as M&M's) are a MUST. They are perfect to decorate a scalloped roof, making a wreath, or even decorating windows, or adding a touch of color. They also come in different colors, so they can help set your color palette and gingerbread house style. Red and green candies, for example, are perfect for a more traditional gingerbread house.

Red Hots:

Red hots are one of our favorite candies. So much so, that we actually include them in our gingerbread house kit. They can be used to decorate the roof and the wreath, and to give a traditional, festive look.

Peppermint Candies:

Peppermint Candies to Decorate a Gingerbread House

These are what make your gingerbread house complete. They add a traditional holiday touch and are an absolute must. Peppermint candies come in different shapes and sizes, making them perfect to decorate your gingerbread house. Candy canes can be used to decorate the sides of the house, while round candies can be used as small, round windows, or to decorate the sides of the house. These are the official holiday treats, so we highly recommend using them if you want a traditional gingerbread house.

Gummy Bears:

Gummy bears aren't a must, but they can be perfect for a cheery gingerbread house. You can get creative with gummy bears and add them as little gummy villagers. It's fun and unique, and perfect for kids.

Sugar Pearls:

Sugar pearls can look delicate and beautiful. You can create a simple gingerbread house using icing, and sugar pearls for a minimalist gingerbread house. They can also be used to decorate gingerbread cookies.


Sprinkles for Decorating a Gingerbread House

I don't know about you but sprinkles equal holiday season in my book. Colorful sprinkles are so fun and can be used for a classic gingerbread house, or for a colorful house. Whatever your style is that you have in mind, sprinkles just add so much joy. You can even find sugar sprinkle packs with holiday colors and different shapes, like snowflakes, to add small details to the house.

Pieces of Gingerbread:

With the leftover pieces of gingerbread that you didn't use for the house, you can use cutters to make roof shingles, windowpanes, or even a small gingerbread man or gingerbread woman to place in front of the house.

Delicious Marshmallow Snowman:

Marshmallow Snowmen

A little snowman at the entrance of the house can give your house a very festive touch. It's perfect for a Winter Wonderland look, and they're super simple to make. Just grab a toothpick and put two white marshmallows together. You can use some of the icing to secure the snowman on the plate/base. You can use pretzel sticks to make his arms, and use a red sour belt to make his scarf. For his face, use edible markers to draw on his eyes and smile.

How to Make Lifelike Glass Windows:

Stain Glass Windows for a Gingerbread House

Before baking the gingerbread pieces, cut out the dough for the windows on the side panels of the house. Break up pieces of hard candy and place them inside the opening, and then bake. The candy will melt, giving a lifelike glass window effect to your house. It's an easy decoration hack that adds a beautiful touch.

What Type of Icing to use for Decorations?

Frosting a Gingerbread House with Icing

While royal icing is an absolute must, for decorations you can use buttercream icing or a more liquid version of royal icing. You don't want it to be too liquid where it's impossible to control where the icing is going, but you don't want it to be as stiff as when you were assembling the house itself. The royal icing will ensure that your decorations will stay put (until you're ready to eat the gingerbread house, of course). Once it hardens, your decorations will NOT move.

Icing isn't just for holding your decorations in place, but you can also use white icing to decorate the house. You can give the illusion of fresh snow by piping icing along the border of the roof, to make it look like icicles. You can also add white icing details around the gingerbread pieces for a delicate, simple gingerbread house. The white icing details don't have to be super intricate, but they will add a beautiful, classic holiday look.

Another tip is to add food coloring. It can be liquid food coloring or gel coloring. Green icing for example can be used to create a wreath. It all comes down to your creativity, and style.

In conclusion, decorating gingerbread houses during the Christmas holidays is a fun activity you can do with your family or your friends. You don't have to be a professional baker, to decorate an amazing gingerbread house. It's all about spending time together, and letting your creativity flow! Don't forget to tag us in your gingerbread creations!

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