Where can I buy a kit to make a gingerbread house? Show me how to make a gingerbread house!

Gingerbread House Kits from Ginger's Breadboys

Gingerbread House KitWhen the holiday season starts, have you ever thought, “I want to make a gingerbread house for Christmas.” And then thought where do I even start, “How do I make a gingerbread house?” You need (want) someone to show you how to make and decorate a gingerbread house. Better yet, you need DIY gingerbread house instructions!

And it would be great if it were all in one place. Finally, you come to the conclusion that you want a DIY gingerbread house kit. And here we are, Ginger’s Breadboys makes a great gingerbread house kit for baking and decorating gingerbread houses!

Gingerbread house kits from Ginger's Breadboys are very much baking kits. Make, bake and decorate two (2) large gingerbread houses. Sustainably packaged in a rectangular tin measuring 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 3" and shipped in a plain cardboard box so as not to give away the gift inside!

Our gingerbread house kit is inclusive for all the baking items, dry ingredients, and candy necessary to bake and decorate two (2) gingerbread houses from scratch. Weight is approximately 5.5 lbs. The kit is $64.95 plus shipping and makes two (2) large houses.

Need gluten-free? If you plan to eat your gingerbread house and need gluten free, please contact us after placing your order. We will replace the regular mix with our gluten free.

To make the gingerbread design from our Illustration, view the steps here.

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