Build your Gingerbread House Kit the way you want it. Only buy what you need. We call it our Build-a-Kit Collection!

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Get only what you need and build your own Gingerbread House Kit! Helping you do-it-yourself and make two awesome gingerbread houses for the holidays.

Choose only the items you want for your Gingerbread House Kit and "only pay for what you need."

A 25% discount will apply as you build your kit and add items to your cart with a $17.50 minimum purchase amount. Start with the large storage tin to store your items or perhaps the 6-piece house cutter forms and then add a bag of mix to make the perfect gingerbread dough. And don't forget the glue that holds it all together - Meringue Powder!

Order a complete kit here or place all items in your cart. for the best, all-inclusive, do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit. 

Refrigerator magnet, instruction/recipe card, and sticker will be included with each built kit.