Ginger's Breadboys

Tips, pastry bag, and food coloring. Your gingerbread house "Builder's Toolkit" conveniently packaged in a muslin bag. Use to build and decorate.

Gingerbread House "Builder's Toolkit" Decorating Bag

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Perfect addition to your custom built gingerbread house kit!

Gingerbread Builder's Toolkit for Decorating your Gingerbread House

4 x 6 inch stamped muslin bag holds:

  • Two (2) 12-inch plastic decorating/pastry bags
  • Four (4) stainless steel decorating tubes:
    • #4 piping tip
    • #7 plain border (mortar)
    • #48 basket weave
    • #30 closed 8-pointed star
  • Two (2) standard plastic couplers (base and ring)
  • .70 oz green food coloring

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