Ginger's Breadboys

Custom-made Large (5-inch) Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter Form. Made in the USA. Helping you make classic gingerbread cookies for the holidays.

Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter

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Pair with the Gingerbread Cookie Mix for the perfect gift!

Gingerbread Boy Cookie CutterOur large (5-inch) gingerbread boy cookie cutter is the perfectly rounded gingerbread boy shape. We've used it for over 35 years. And now you can enjoy it too!

  • 5-inch tall gingerbread boy with 4.5" wingspan
  • tin
  • US made
  • custom design for Ginger's Breadboys by
  • rotund gingerbread boy shape

All Ginger's Breadboys gingerbread cookie kits contain a gingerbread boy cookie cutter. (except the Make Another Batch kit which only has replacements for disposable items in the original classic gingerbread kit).

Need help making, baking, and decorating? Take a look at our slideshow videos. How to make, bake, and decorate gingerbread boy cookies!

Need just the gingerbread cookie mix? We have that! Save 50% on your cookie cutter when you Bundle with the Gingerbread Cookie Mix. (Automatic discount - just place both in cart.)

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