The Value of Ginger's Breadboys Gingerbread Baking Kits

Buying decisions | Is this kit really a value?

When you see a kit – any kit – what influences your buying decision? Do you first think, "I can do that, I don’t need a kit" and move on? Or do you think, "Cool - everything is here that I need plus all the instructions!" Convenient yes, but is it "really" a value? Do I save money with a kit? Do I save money with Ginger's Breadboys gingerbread cookie kits?

Well, I can answer your questions easily as it was one of the first exercises I did when deciding to create Ginger’s Breadboys gingerbread cookie kits. In addition to demystifying and simplifying making gingerbread cookies by sharing all the things I’d learned, the kit – despite what may seem to be a higher price at first – is, well . . . economical. It's also convenient and delicious. We know, when you use our mix, your cookies will taste great!

At Ginger's Breadboys, we've taken the time to curate and source each item in the kit to match the same baking process we've used for over 35 years to make these delicious cookies. We've sourced the best quality of the items we offer too. Our non-perishable items are meant to be used year after year and we offer replacement items for the things you need to make the next batch.

Let’s look at all the items in the kit. We'll keep a running total for you and show you the savings.

First, let's look at all the items you'll keep year after year as you continue the tradition of baking gingerbread cookies for the holidays. You will most likely need to go to a kitchen or specialty store for these items.

The prices below were recorded at the time we were writing this article and may have changed in the interim either due to shortages or subject to inflation.


The kit includes items that you can keep forever and continue your tradition year after year.

(We've only included the retail costs below. We didn't add in shipping or taxes, or - if you shopped locally - your time, gas, or opportunity costs when trying to find the item in a specialty store.)

five-inch gingerbread boy cookie cutter

We’ve found these larger ones priced as high as $19.99 but more reasonably priced cutters are priced in line with what we charge when we sell ours separately. Our cutter is custom-made for Ginger's Breadboys.

5-inch gingerbread boy cookie cutter


pastry brush

We found the same brand pastry brush we offer through Walmart Marketplace.

pastry brush
pastry brush


decorating tubes (4)

We found them online (again through Walmart Marketplace) for .98 each. We include 4 in our cookie kit.

Decorating Tubes (4)
decorating tubes (4)


couplers (2)

For the decorating tubes; we include two couplers, so you have one for the white icing and one for the green (or if you have two little ones who are anxious to be decorating at the same time!).

Couplers (s)
couplers (2)


Large rectangular tin

Our kit is sustainably packaged in a large, rectangular, recyclable, tin-plated steel tin made in the USA. You can use the tin to store the cookies (short-term) or the baking and decorating tools. We couldn't find our exact tin online for purchase. You could buy them by the case or a single tin with a window cutout at the Container Store.

large rectangular steel tin
large rectangle tin




So far you've spent about 3/4's of the total cost of the Classic Cookie Kit and you don't yet have the most important ingredients!

Now let's look at the items that - in the kit - are carefully measured and provided for one-time use. Most of the items you can find at the grocery store. There will be excess; you'll have much leftover.

gingerbread recipe cookie mix

While flour is relatively cheap, we use a specialty bakery flour that you don’t normally find in the grocery store. The brand we use is King Arthur, but chances are this isn’t what you will find at your local grocery store.

We haven't calculated for our gluten-free mix. However, we're sure that our mix is way less hassle than creating your own. And we're sure of the results because it's been tested and tasted in our kitchens!

You won't use all of each spice that you'll need to buy for your gingerbread mix recipe, but you'll need to buy the whole jar anyway. Additionally, we use Ceylon cinnamon in our recipe. This is not normally the kind found in the grocery store but easily found in a spice shop. We think the taste is far superior to regular cinnamon and plays nicer with the other spices. We've shown the price for both but included the cheaper option in our totals.

gingerbread cookie mix
5 lb. bag of King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

McCormick Ground Cloves 0.9 oz.

McCormick Ground Ginger 1.5 oz.

Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Ground 2.08 oz.

McCormick Ground Cinnamon 2.37 oz.

cinnamon imperials

You only need a half cup of these candies for the cookies (which is between 4 and 5 ounces). The lentil-sized candies are the best – the larger ones are too ‘perfect’ and sensitive and ‘explode’ at higher temperatures when baked. So, it is important to use what are called cinnamon imperials baking candy, and not red hots.

cinnamon imperials
Brach's Cinnamon Imperials Baking Candy 12 oz.


food coloring

We include a vial of Chefmaster food coloring that you'll probably only find at a specialty food store. But you'll for sure be able to source the basic food coloring at the grocery store.

Chefmaster Liqua-gel® Food Coloring Leaf Green
McCormick Green Food Color 1 fl. oz.


pastry bags (2)

Pastry bags are inexpensive, but you must buy a bunch at one time. We found 50 for about $7.

pastry bags (2)
Box of 50 plastic disposable pastry bags


parchment paper

We include sheets of parchment paper in the right size for most baking sheets. You can find pre-cut parchment paper but most likely your parchment will come on a role.

parchment paper (4 sheets)
Great Value 50 sq. ft. Non-Stick Parchment Paper




So now you've spent more than the cost of the kit and without the higher quality items we've sourced. You will have permanent items for your kitchen, and you will have leftover items to use next year. But it's evident that our kit is economical . . . and convenient . . . and we know it produces a delicious cookie every time baked!

Ginger's Breadboys Classic Gingerbread Cookie Kit


Amount Saved
(don't forget to consider your time saved!)

Next, let’s look at the yield. The kit makes about 39 5-inch cookies. For the Classic kit, that is about $1 a cookie – and it is a very large cookie. Now that is value!

39 5-inch gingerbread cookies

Similarly baked cookies at the local coffee shop will be more than double the price and without the awesome experience and fun you'll have in the kitchen!

Iced Gingerbread Boy Cookies from Ginger's Breadboys

Lastly, yes, whether you use our kit or DIY, you will need a few ingredients of your own. Most kitchen pantries will have these items. We list them here for your shopping list!

Pantry Items

Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses 12 fl. oz. Jar


Great Value Large White Eggs, 12 Count


Great Value Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 fl. oz.


Crisco, Gluten Free, All-Vegetable Shortening Sticks, 20 oz.


Great Value Pure Granulated Sugar, 4 lb.


Great Value 100% Liquid Egg Whites 32 oz.


ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice, 15 Fl. Oz. Bottle


Great Value Confectioners Powdered Sugar, 32 oz.



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