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The Deluxe Bundle Gift Set. Classic Gingerbread Cookie Baking Kit with Gingerbread Branded Apron, Pan Grabber, and two Flour Sack Kitchen Tea Towels.

Deluxe Bundle Gingerbread Cookie Kit Gift Set

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An ideal gift for teachers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Value, value, value - our gingerbread cookie kits make ~39 large (5-inch) cookies!

Make mine a Deluxe! The original-classic Gingerbread Cookie Kit plus all our branded items - 2 flour sack kitchen tea towels, adult size butcher-style apron and the new Ginger's Breadboys branded pan grabber. A perfect gift item to grace any kitchen.

Deluxe Gingerbread Cookie Kit Bundle

This is a Bundle-and-Save item. Priced separately, the kit (39.95), tea towels ($30), apron ($25) and pan grabber ($15) would retail at $109.95. Your savings is $35! Other saving bundles available in our Gift Collection.

Make, bake, and decorate gingerbread man cookies with Ginger's Breadboys® gingerbread cookie baking kits! Stay home and bake!

A complete cookie kit for baking and decorating 3+ dozen 5-inch gingerbread cookies from scratch. To be enjoyed with children, grandchildren, family and friends. Bring fun to the kitchen for the holidays.

This is the ultimate gingerbread cookie kit. What's so special? Our gingerbread recipe makes a very forgiving dough that is easy to work with and bakes a delicious cookie every time. For non-bakers and bakers alike.

This cookie kit shows how to make, how to bake, and how to decorate gingerbread man cookies. Slideshow videos are available online if needed. Not pre-baked or pre-assembled.

Kit includes:

Kit is sustainably packaged in a rectangular tin measuring 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 3". Linens packaged separately. Shipped in a plain cardboard box (so as not to give away the gift!). Weight is approximately 4.25 lbs.

*These items available for re-order in the "Make Another Batch" kit.

As seen in the Atlanta Journal Constitution's 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kay Wrucke
New Christmas Tradition

Grandkids and Moms baked the cookies as a Christmas Eve activity and decorated them on Christmas Day. We all decorated, licked fingers, made a mess and enjoyed eating the delicious cookies. Wonderful Christmas pictures!

Great Gift I Received

This was so much fun around the holidays!

Natasha Gregorski
Extremely Satisfied

Great kit for the holiday season!

Bethany Morris
Extremely Satisfied

Loved everything about it!

Carol Foglesong
Great for the grandkids

I received kit from a friend and took to my son’s house for the 4 grands (ages 8, 10, 12, and 14). While admittedly a bit messy, fun was had by all. Biggest challenge was when they realized there were multiple steps to the process: making dough, chilling dough, rolling, cutting, baking and then decorating! Guess I should have helped set expectations for process. Didn’t realize my son didn’t realize steps until he (gasp!) actually read instructions! Too many prior cut and cook cookie dough experiences!