So Why Create a Gingerbread Man - Gingerbread Boy - Cookie Kit?

Make delicious gingerbread cookies with Ginger's Breadboys Cookie Kits

Years ago when I started making gingerbread boy cookies to give to friends and family for the holidays my goal was to make an awesome cookie to share. True, the reason I chose gingerbread boys was a name thing but a few other reasons emerged.

Few people make gingerbread boy cookies anymore because they are so labor-intensive. It is a bit of work, no doubt about it. Yet everyone loves the smell of gingerbread in their kitchen and loves the taste.

(A caveat here - I know there are those of you out there who absolutely can't stand the whole gingerbread thing - like lattes - and how the signal for the holidays are this whole taste shift in coffee and baked goods. I get it. Overkill.)

Decorating Gingerbread cookiesI've made these gingerbread boy cookies for years and the single most comment I received was that the recipient wanted more. Two cookies are not enough.

So I set out to recreate my process.

Everything in Ginger's Breadboys® cookie kits represents exactly what I do to create these cookies every year for my friends and family.

I've perfected the recipe for the dry ingredients/cookie mix to taste just like mine. And it is complete so you don't need to worry about buying spices and getting them exactly right so that the taste is perfect. Nor do you need to worry about measuring anything or how the dough will turn out. Just dump the bag in with the wet ingredients.

I've written thorough instructions that are exactly what I do and have done for over 30 years.

And I've gathered all the necessary items - that you may not have in your kitchen - to make sure you can create the same cookie that I do.

Gingerbread cookie cutter from Ginger's BreadboysThe kit contains:

cookie mix - all the dry ingredients and spices from a wonderful gingerbread recipe

5” gingerbread boy cookie cutter (made in America by cookie

Ferrara Candy Company Cinnamon Imperials

All Ateco pastry supplies. Ateco has been around for over 100 years.

2 12-inch pastry bags with 2 couplers (base and ring)
4 decorating tube tips
#14 standard (smile, mittens and boots)
#42 double-line (suspenders)
#48 basket weave (belt)
#30 closed 8-pointed star (suspender buttons)

Chefmaster Liqua-gel® Food Coloring Leaf Green (they make these little bottles for chef baking contests!)

a pastry brush - for brushing the flour off

4 sheets parchment paper (so cookies won't stick and easy cleanup!)

the recipe and instruction card, and

a refrigerator magnet (so you won't forget us!)

Bake more gingerbread cookies with the Make Another Batch kit from Ginger's Breadboys.I packaged the cookie kit in a tin so you can store your cookies or store your cookie cutter and decorating supplies for next year. (The 'Make Another Batch" kit debuted in 2019 so you can make more cookies but won't need to repurchase the cookie cutter and tips.)

In short, I've tried to take some of the 'labor' out of baking gingerbread boy cookies by showing you all the shortcuts and making it easy.

And if you need help, there are instructional slideshow videos on the Ginger's Breadboys® YouTube Channel.

You can watch four videos:

How to make the gingerbread boy cookie dough

How to roll out the dough and bake the gingerbread boy cookies

How to make the icing to decorate the gingerbread boy cookies

How to decorate the gingerbread boy cookies

Ginger's Breadboys gingerbread boy Cookie KitI've wanted to share this process and these gingerbread boy cookies for years. And finally, I'm able to offer the Ginger's Breadboys® cookie kit which I think is a true reflection of my cookies.

This is a fun family activity and a great gift for parents and grandparents.

And having over 3 dozen gingerbread boy cookies to eat isn't all that bad either.


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