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I'd love to Make Another Batch of Gingerbread Cookies. Gingerbread Baking Kit Replaces Items used from the first round of baking gingerbread cookies.

Make Another Batch Gingerbread Cookie Kit

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An ideal gift for teachers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Value, value, value - our gingerbread cookie kits make ~39 large (5-inch) cookies!

Make Another Batch Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Make more gingerbread cookies and continue the tradition every year with replacement items for the original Classic kit with the Make Another Batch Gingerbread Cookie Kit. Replace all the items used in the first round of baking. Another great gingerbread cookie baking kit from Ginger's Breadboys!


Kit includes replacement items:

Kit comes in a smaller tin than the original Classic cookie kit measuring 6³⁄₁₆" x 8⅛" x 2¹⁵⁄₁₆" and weighs approximately 2.75 lbs.

Nutrition Information