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Ginger's Breadboys Debuts Gingerbread House Illustration for Gingerbread House Kit

For immediate release: July 15th, 2022

Product development on the gingerbread house kit for Ginger’s Breadboys is complete with the debut of the illustration that will adorn the kits for the 2022 holiday season.

Gingerbread House | Ginger's BreadboysPartnering again with Laurie Wolfe to create the illustration for the Gingerbread House Kit, finishing touches were applied in mid-June and finalized this week. To realize the vision proposed by Ginger’s Breadboys, Laurie built a gingerbread house and decorated it in accordance with the prototype gingerbread house kit’s contents and instructions.

The resulting illustration keeps to the same nostalgic feel as the first collaboration with Laurie on the gingerbread boy for the gingerbread cookie kit in 2017. Laurie is a talented brand consultant and illustrator and her collection Indigo Horses is not to be missed. A photo shoot is planned for late Summer 2022.

Ginger’s Breadboys’ decision to add to their line of baking and decorating kits came from overwhelming interest of Ginger’s Breadboys’ customers. Ginger’s Breadboys started the process for the Gingerbread House Kit in 2021 with a decorating party requested by a client and from there proceeded to define the necessary items to create a kit to add to their product line. Orders can be processed now with shipping to begin in September 2022.

The new Gingerbread House Kit will make two (2) large (5” x 7”) gingerbread houses. That alone is a standout among similar products and makes the gingerbread house kit a considerable economic value for consumers. The kit will come complete with enough candies and decorating tools for numerous creative options for each house. As with all cookie kits from Ginger’s Breadboys, the Gingerbread House Kit will be sustainably packaged in the large rectangular tin that has become a signature brand element for Ginger’s Breadboys.

Hours of testing and proofing go into each kit from Ginger’s Breadboys, and the Gingerbread House Kit is no exception. Ginger’s Breadboys has set out to transform the daunting task of making gingerbread houses into a simple and easy activity that requires only the addition of a few pantry items and a bit of love and imagination to create beautiful gingerbread houses for the holidays. Ginger’s Breadboys knows that baking is following instructions and lays it all out simply and methodically in their recipe/instruction card for an easy baking journey-made-easy.

About Ginger’s Breadboys® - Ginger's Breadboys® gingerbread house and cookie kits are a product based on 30+ years of baking experience. The cookie kit replicates a process that produces a uniquely delicious tasting gingerbread cookie every time baked. The house kit takes the user through a journey made simple with easy-to-follow instructions. Each item in the kits has been curated, tested, and perfected for use in the baking and decorating of these gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses. The unique packaging and labeling exude a nostalgic feel that when combined with participating in the activity make for a truly grand holiday experience. Read our story and follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram. Trade dress pending.

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