Decorating gingerbread man cookies starts with making royal icing. We show you how to make royal icing to decorate gingerbread man cookies.

How to Make Royal Icing to Decorate Gingerbread Man Cookies Video

Make perfect and delicious royal icing to dress up your gingerbread man cookies with exceptional cuteness for the holidays. More kitchen fun and a perfect holiday activity from Ginger's Breadboys. View here or on the Ginger's Breadboys YouTube Channel.

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here is the recipe and instruction card for download that explains how to make, bake and decorate gingerbread man cookies.

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View videos here or on the Ginger's Breadboys YouTube Channel.

Royal Icing Recipe for Decorating Classic Gingerbread Cookies:

Using mixer, whip until frothy ½ cup pasteurized egg whites and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. On low speed, gradually add 4–4½ cups powdered sugar until mixture is thick and smooth. Turn speed to high and whip ~3–5 minutes until mixture forms stiff, glossy peaks.

For white icing, remove ~¾ of icing from mixing bowl and place in container. If using immediately, cover container with damp tea towel to prevent icing from drying out. For use later, place plastic wrap directly on icing, then seal with lid. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Add green food coloring by drops to remaining ~¼ of icing until desired color is reached and whip. Add powdered sugar to adjust consistency if needed. Store per instructions above.

Helpful Hints:  Icing should hold its shape on cookie and maintain pattern of decorating tube but not be so thick that it can't be squeezed easily out of pastry bag. Add powdered sugar or lemon juice to adjust consistency. Lemon juice complements gingerbread and provides acidity to stabilize egg whites in icing. If you don’t like lemon flavor, add ½ teaspoon Cream of Tartar instead. Cream of Tartar is found with spices in the grocery store.

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